Five Must-Have Modifications for Rock Crawling

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Rock crawling is a fun motorsport that is enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts from around the world. If you want to get in on the fun, Progressive auto insurance, there are a few modifications that you will need to make to your truck or SUV. Here are 5 must-have modifications for rock crawling. Suspension Lift The benefit of a suspension lift will present itself when it comes time to tackle the large rock formations. A suspension lift is also needed to fit the larger tires. Larger Tires The primary reason that you will need larger tires is for a higher ground clearance. The last thing that you want is to get stuck on a rock. Skid Plates You will need to install skid plates to cover the entire underbody of the vehicle. This includes the engine, oil pan, and transmission. Winch Even the best rock crawler occasionally gets stuck. A winch will enable you to quickly get out of a tricky situation. Locking Differentials When you need optimum traction, the locking differentials will enable both wheels on the axles to turn at the same time. If one tire loses traction, the other can compensate the loss. What’s 1 more click? Your boss isn’t watching… Highlifter HLK300-00 2″ Suspension Lift for Honda TRX300FW 92-97

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Tips for Purchasing Rock Crawling Parts and Accessories

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If you are interested in getting started with rock climbing, you probably already know that you will need some accessories in order to get started. You shouldn’t let this scare you away from getting started with this fun and exciting hobby, however; there are ways that you can make purchasing this equipment much easier on yourself.

The first thing that you will need to do before you start shopping for rock climbing equipment and accessories is to do your research. Figure out where you will be rock climbing and the type of equipment that you will need first; then, you weiter…

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The Best Four Wheel Drives for Rock Crawling

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Rock crawling is a popular sport that requires extreme skill. Most competitors use a vehicle that is made just for off-road crawling. It takes practice and dedication to learn the sport. Jeep makes a variety of vehicles that are perfect for rock crawling. These vehicles are also equipped with roll cages and big tires made especially for off-road maneuvers. Roll cages are designed to keep you in your vehicle if you roll over. You can learn the sport weiter…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Extreme Rock Crawling

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Outdoor enthusiasts love to take on new challenges and push themselves physically to new limits. When outdoor athletes want to try their hand at tests of physical endurance, they may take on extreme rock climbing. This activity can provide great opportunities for building muscle tone and endurance. However, safety experts warn novice climbers that they need to pay close attention to their personal safety.

Before they try extreme rock climbing, novices should be aware of their own ability to tolerate heights. Some people are weiter…

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Understanding the Popularity of Extreme Rock Crawling

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Extreme rock crawling is a sport that many people have not heard of. Based on the name alone, many people tend to assume that it involves physical rock climbing. And while this is true to an extent, there is one huge different between traditional rock climbing and extreme rock crawling: the latter involves the operation of an ATV or other vehicle.

So if you are the type of person who enjoys vehicle-related sports and also likes to try new and extreme things, then weiter…

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Four Great Jeep Modifications

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For sportsman, enthusiasts and Jeep owners who are interested in enjoying a superior off-road experience, modifying your stock vehicle and investing in the best after-market parts and equipment options can be very beneficial. Vehicles that have been designed to offer superior off-road performance in environments were lesser trucks may not even be able to function can provide drivers with the opportunity to explore new environments, compete in extreme racing events and to get the most out of their driving experience. Limiting yourself to only the performance options and abilities of an unmodified vehicle weiter…

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Turning Your Jeep into a Better Rock Crawler

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Designing a vehicle that is able to offer you the performance and dependability needed for more challenging off-road environments can be a very rewarding undertaking. The equipment options, modifications and other performance-enhancing opportunities that Jeep owners are able to make use of can be considerable. Learning more about how you can turn your vehicle into a more effective rock crawler will ensure that you are not limited in the environments and opportunities that can be found the next time you decide to drive off of the beaten path.

From tires and suspension options to after-market components and equipment that will be able to improve the power and output of your Jeep’s engine, there could be plenty of ways to improve your vehicle.ou can also learn about how Insurance Deals from The Hartford can cover you in the event of an accident, on-road or off. Investing in the right equipment options, making use of the best resources and ensuring that you have access to any professional services that may be needed to ensure your efforts are able to be as successful as possible can do much to improve your off-road performance. Owners who make the effort to research their options and find the best equipment and deals possible will be able to achieve the superior results that can turn any jeep into a better off-road vehicle.

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